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Low Carb Eggplant Lasagna

Servings: 12 servings | Prep time: 1 hour 10 minutes | Cooking time: 45 minutes | Resting Time: 15 Minutes | Calories: 357kcal


This low carb eggplant lasagna is the best comfort food ever. Layers of eggplant, meat sauce, and cheese are baked until warm and bubbly. Just add salad!

Who doesn’t love a rich, hearty lasagna? Visions of family gathered around a huge table, ready to dig into a traditional Italian favorite? But, all the carbs, right? Did you know you can make a low carb eggplant lasagna? All the flavor without all the guilt?

This easy eggplant lasagna will satisfy the heartiest of eaters while accommodating the more low carb crowd. A vegetarian eggplant lasagna isn’t always a bad thing! This one has plenty of cheese and a tangy, rich, tomato-y meat sauce. No one will ever know that’s it’s not only healthy, but satisfying!

How to Make Eggplant Lasagna

Eggplant has a mild flavor with a spongy texture, so it is a perfect alternative to the traditional noodles found in traditional lasagna. This eggplant lasagna recipe packs all the flavor and presentation without the carbs!

The key here is to slice the eggplant no wider than a ¼ of an inch thick. Any thinner could produce a flat, compressed lasagna, and anything thicker won’t be similar to the standard egg noodle texture. Whether or not to peel the eggplant is a personal choice, it simply doesn’t matter, be sure to brush them lightly with olive oil or spray them with olive oil spray and sprinkle some salt on them.

Salting the eggplant layers removes the moisture, making them firm. Roast lightly in the oven until they are pliable, just like lasagna noodles would be! Adjust the roasting time based on the thickness of the eggplant slices.

How to Layer Lasagna

Just use your eggplant slices the same way you would regular lasagna sheets. Always coat the bottom of a casserole dish with meat sauce, then the first layer of eggplant. Layer the ricotta spread, add shredded cheese.

Keep layering until the pan is full and then top with a final layer of parmesan! It’s really that easy! This eggplant lasagna is an easy, fun recipe for kids to try when they are first learning to cook because it just can’t be messed up!

Find the recipe here

Original Source:  https://easylowcarb.com/eggplant-lasagna/

Website:  https://easylowcarb.com/

Author: Holly

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