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About Us

Helping you care for your body
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Our Story

GO-LO is a food brand that produces and packs a wide range of products that are low in carbohydrates, egg free, dairy free, and no added sugar or refined carbs. Select products are yeast free (wraps, flakes, oats porridge, muesli, smoothies) and our smoothies & soups are gluten free. Soya free products include; bread, pitas, pizza bases, flakes and muesli.

The key differentiator for GO-LO is the specialised formula that consists of a unique almond flour recipe, the main ingredient in the majority of our products, which reduces the carb content to much lower than any other similar products on the market.

Our products are diabetic friendly and while they offer the lowest carb content possible, still offer enough quality calories to substantiate full portion meals. Apart from the obvious health benefits, GO-LO is also one of the best ways to lose weight naturally.

The specialised formula of our products coupled with our competitive pricing make GO-LO products more accessible to customers looking for sustainable and affordable health and weight loss solutions.

There is an incomparable difference in nutritional value between GO-LO and other products available currently. Compare the black and white nutritional facts and you will see for yourself where the GO-LO difference lies.

GO-LO offers convenient ready-made products in a wider variety of flavours in comparison to other brands.

You can start your journey towards a lifestyle of nutrition solutions today

The GO-LO product range is the most extensive low carb range under one brand in South Africa. Our products have been carefully prepared according to our unique low carb recipes.


GO-LO aims to provide sustainable nutrition solutions that help people live better for longer. Our products are very specific in terms of a unique and specialised formula which allows you to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle as well as improve weight loss. The nutrition solution for a sustainable lifestyle.


People in South Africa are living with diabetes.


People in South Africa are considered overweight


Food Brand in South Africa offering a complete lifestyle nutrition solution.