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Break Out of Your Low-Carb Rut

Once you’ve been on your low-carb diet for a while, you may find yourself in a bit of a rut. If you are eating the same meals day in and day out, it can become a bit boring and you might start to feel uninspired. If you aren’t putting in effort to spice things up and to change your routine, it’s more likely you’ll stray from your diet. Before this happens, try some of these ways to break out of that rut and get your mojo back.

Improve your snack game.

We can get a bit lazy with our snacks, so if carrots and hummus are your go-to, why not try something new? Some tasty options include sliced peppers with guacamole, olives, cubes of cheese wrapped in pastrami or cucumber slices with cream cheese and smoked salmon. All delicious, all low-carb and all simple to prepare.

Double up and make the most of your leftovers.

Doubling up on your dinner recipes can be a lifesaver, because you can enjoy the leftovers for lunch or dinner again the next day. If you are going to be cooking anyway, you might as well make extra so that you can enjoy a delicious low-carb meal later on. If you are able to freeze your recipes, this is also useful as you can enjoy the meal the following week and all that is required is to defrost and reheat.

Switch your meals around.

Who doesn’t enjoy breakfast for dinner? As long are you are eating a healthy low-carb meal packed with flavour, protein, vegetables and healthy fats, switching your meals around can mix up your routine a bit.

Buy a low-carb cookbook.

Visit your local bookstore and find yourself a good low-carb cookbook. Once you have this, you’ll have plenty of new recipes to try out at home, while still sticking to your diet. It might also inspire a deeper love of cooking, and it’s great to be able to prepare your meals as a couple or as a family. You’ll also find some new favourite dishes!

Swap out old favourites for new ones.

Change is a good thing! You might love having eggs for breakfast, but that doesn’t mean you need to have them done the same with, with the same sides, every morning. Switch your scrambled eggs to poached and add some avocado and a dollop of cream cheese and you’ve got a whole new breakfast meal.

Each person is different so finding what works for you is also key to getting out of your rut and sticking to your low-carb diet. With Golo’s wide product range, we make it easier for you to create a variety of different low-carb meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Visit our online store to start shopping.

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