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Braaiing the Low-Carb Way!

Who doesn’t enjoy a good braai? It shouldn’t be something you avoid or skip out on just because you are following a low-carb diet. While it may require a little more planning and discipline, with a bit of effort it can be done in no time. We share some top tips on braaiing the low-carb way.

Select your meats carefully.

Not all meats do well on the braai, and you’ll want to stick to those that are within your dietary requirements where possible. Steaks and lamb are great choices for the braai and for your low-carb diet. Chicken is also a good choice but be mindful of the marinades used on your meat. You could also decide to do your roasts on the braai for that gorgeous smokey flavor. If you’re feeling ambitious you could even try a fish braai.

Plan your braai accordingly.

Depending on what you will be cooking, you’ll want to make sure your braai has been created to be able to last long enough for all the meat to be cooked properly. If you are only cooking a few things, you won’t need a big fire, but if you are going to be doing a roast or cooking for many people, you’ll want it to be larger.

Choose your sides carefully!

The sides are often where we get carried away at braais. Potato salads, baked potatoes, garlic bread and many other delicious dishes that are high in carbs! Steer clear of these and opt for your healthy, fresh salads or go for cauliflower and cheese or roast veggies to accompany your meat.

Don’t forget dessert.

Often the meat and sides are enough to keep anyone full for a week, but if you are feeling like something sweet after your main meal, we have some tasty low-carb suggestions. Pineapple is delicious when grilled on the braai. It caramelizes beautifully, creating a unique sweet, yet tart pudding. If you really want to treat yourself, you could indulge in some smores made using low-carb or dark chocolate with homemade keto marshmallows. Find a recipe here.

Braaiing on a low-carb diet can be easy, and you can still enjoy them even while sticking to your diet. In fact, if you’re braaiing with others on a low-carb diet it becomes even easier. Regardless, there are few things better than gathering around the fire with friends and family and enjoying some tasty food. If you’re looking for low-carb wraps or pitas to enjoy your braai meat in, then we’d suggest our own. Be sure to make your purchase from our online store here.

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